Argil Alert Gets Virtually Social

Hey, have you heard about this social media thing? Apparently, it may catch on after all. Even potters and ceramic artists, who have been making things out of mud for centuries, are getting on board.


NCECA is coming up quick. One panel, Virtual Realities, Material World, will feature 4 great social media personas of the clay world. There are already some great discussions at the virtualclay Facebook event page.


image via Carole Epp, Musing About Mud

Check out blogs by the four panelists: Ben Carter, Carole Epp, Adam Field, Michael Kline.

You can also be part of the discussion! Use the hashtag “virtualclay” (#virtualclay) to ask questions of the panelists and converse with other potters. Check out this blog post by Carole Epp for more information.


Speaking of NCECA, the 2014 version of the NCECA App is available!

There are a bunch of great features, especially if you will be in Milwaukee!

There is even a web version of the app here:

Ceramic FB Index

Another cool virtual project you can check out is the Facebook Ceramic Index by Michael Kline. He is compiling a master list of pottery and ceramics Facebook pages.

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