Clay Blog Review – December 2011

Reviewing the month in clay blogging.  The last Review of 2011!  Happy New Year.

Technical, Techniques, Tips

  • The Clay Club discusses Green Chrome Oxide and Chromium Oxide.
  • Bridges Pottery Blog shares the basic tools of the trade.
  • Diving Into the Clay found this video of throwin’ and trailin’:

  • John Britt shares a ^10 Ice Crackle glaze recipe, three ^10 recipes and the results they produced,
  • Jeanette Manchester Harris shares her technique for making a palm frond dish.
  • A couple blogs shared a video of a volumetric image transfer by Forrest Lesch-Middelton:

  • Raven Hill Pottery has a series of posts reviewing Coyote glazes.

Regarding Recent Work

Thought Provoking

  •  Brandon Phillips urges us to make our lives tangible:

How do we know what we know about past cultures? Literature and from the objects they have made and left behind. What does “fine art” tell us about culture? Warning:generalization. Until the late 1800’s fine art really tells us only 2 things. It tells us about the upper class and it tells us about religion/faith. If you want to know how the masses lived you have to look at the objects they have made, ceramics, metal works, weaponry, wood works, stone carvings, etc.

But what a beautiful moment it is when something touches you, moves you on many different levels at once! We, as a society, tend to want to compartmentalize things, keep everything apart and not touching and tidy. But the deepest experiences we have are a messy rush of feeling, sight, sound, taste, colors, numbers, words, light and depth. If you think, right now, of a fond memory, or a sad one, I’m willing to bet that there are sounds, smells, and feelings in addition to what simply happened or what you saw.

  • Heidi Fahrenbacher tells about boundaries she has set for commissions.
  • On a related note, John Bauman explains why special/custom orders are “bird repellent“.
  • Nell Hazinski reflects on a Malcolm Davis speech where he tries to justify making pots.
  • Sequoia Miller responds to some essays in the book “Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art”.
  • Carter Gillies talks about predictability, branding, consistency, identity and the pressures that potters face.
  • Dan Finnegan, always striving for the perfect pot, realizes that he doesn’t find the “good pots” as interesting:
…it’s the mishaps that present puzzles to be solved. It’s one of the reasons that I needed to move from gas firing to wood…I’m a man who needs a problem to solve!

The Rest

Making Money and Related Endeavors

Pottery Related Tidbits

Laugh Out Loud Nominations

Have a great 2012!

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