Clay Blog Review – January 2012

Back at it in the year 2012.  Slightly reorganized and still looking for the best blog posts from the past month.

Process and Techniques

Tips and Technical

Finished Work


  • John Bauman shares four reasons why custom orders are “bird repellent”.
  • Ron Philbeck gives his opinion on two statements that he’s tired of hearing.
1.  When people are talking to me about drawing and they say, “I can’t even draw a straight line.”2.  And the statement, “It’s all been done before.”

one of clay’s biggest life lesson for me is to not have your heart set on something. when you think you want something a certain way, it could turn out in a completely different way and you just might love it evenmore.

The Rest

There you have it.  The best pottery blogging to bring in the new year.  A day later than usual… I guess I forget how long it takes to get all these links together.  But today is tomorrow. It happened.  To all the clay bloggers: thanks for blogging and keep up the good work!  And to all the readers: thanks for reading and feel free to leave some feedback!

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