Clay Blog Review: June 2013

Highlighting the best pottery blogging of the past month! Because potters that blog deserve some recognition for their effort.

Clay Blog Review - June 2013

Is the year really half over?! Unbelievable. At least we have another month’s worth of blogs to read! If you missed last month of the CBR it is here.

The Can’t Miss

Process and Technique

Tips and Technical

Glaze Tests

Recent Work



The Rest

Well, there you have it. It seems a little lighter compared to other months but still a good selection of reading. Maybe I’m being more picky… or maybe it’s busy season for potters and there is less time to blog.

Also, if you didn’t catch it, there was a post explaining some Small Site Updates. There are a bunch of new blogs added to the master list of pottery blogs and are now being considered for the Clay Blog Review! Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions let me know.

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